About Us

Who we are

Hayaan Consulting uses multidisciplinary approaches to Hayaan programmes and provide people centred narratives identifying drivers and triggers to their Hayaan in relation

Our Vision

Hayaan Consulting to be recognized by our clients for delivering excellenteliable and quality services and people-driven culturetailored innovative perspective


Haylan consultancy mission is to provide innovative, best-in-class consulting services that addresses their clients’needs and it for purpose and designed to add value to our clients 

What we do

We produce stories on peoples’ or communities’ Hayaan. Hayaanmedia is also a Communication, Media, Research and Training and Specializations on different fields of work and knowledge. It also offers:

OUR SERVICES Following services but not limited to;


Why Choose Hayaan Consulting

  • Experience and Expertise: Our consultants are senior level with many years of experience in their specific specialty. We know what we’re doing. We are able to hit the ground running; to identify opportunities quickly and to respond appropriately. We apply our extensive industry knowledge and experience to help you achieve your goals
  • Small firm flexibility: Because we are a small firm, we are able to react quickly. We can respond to clients’ needs without the bureaucracy that larger firms have. We can adapt our methodology and approach to fit our clients’ 
  • Sharing our knowledge: Because we have extensive experience providing consulting and services to many companies, we bring our clients insights and recommendations regarding best practices.


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